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Clogged gutters are a thing of the past!

featuring 100% aluminum gutter guards by

KAYCAN Proguard II Gutter Guard

In most states trees and foliage shed leaves more than once a year. Take a look at the landscape now and you will see a variety of colorful leaves dotting your view. Although beautiful on branches and colorful on the ground, when leaves, twigs, and debris clog the gutters of your home they quickly lose their splendor. There is a solution!  With Kaycan's Proguard II gutter guard, you can finally rid your gutter of clutter. Clogged gutters are not only bothersome, unsightly, and a time-consuming chore to rectify, they can also cause substantial damage to your home. These are but a few problems caused by clogged gutters:

● Roof line stress:  Clogged gutters become heavy and the weight from wet debris will cause gutters to "pull away" from your home.
● Rotting of wood, fascia, and soffits:  Backed up water caused by clogged gutters can make its way to your roof where it will cause structural cracking, leaking, and rotting.
● Mold:  Over time, standing water promotes mold. This is not only bad for your home, but is a serious health issue.
● Damage to your foundation:  Clogged and overflowing gutters create pools of groundwater which will soak, weaken, and crack the foundation of your home.
Benefits of Kaycan's Proguard II gutter protection systems include:

● Structural protection:  Your home will not be at risk with problems such as rotting, mold and cracks caused by moisture and debris in clogged gutters.
● Reduce pests:  Gutters free of debris are no longer a breeding ground for mosquitoes, insects, and rodents.
● Reduce risk of injury:  Standing on a ladder while removing debris and pests can be very dangerous.
Do your home and family a service by taking a serious look at your gutters today. Don't wait for the next storm and possibly a costly repair to consider upgrading your gutter system. Take the first step and contact us to discuss your most valuable investment.... your home.

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