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Premium Gutter Accessories are available to you with your new gutters or just as an upgrade to your existing gutter system!


Downspout clean outs help keep debris from entering your underground drains and clogging. They are hassle free and easy to clean!  Available in all of our colors.
Leaf Screen
Leaf Screen gutter filter is ideal for keeping big leaves and twigs out of your gutters. Our most cost-effective screen, it works great if you don’t have to worry about fir, pine, or other needles getting into your gutters. Available in standard Brown, Black, or White.
Green Gutter Screen
This is a sturdy, cost effective, black powder coated expanded steel gutter guard. The powder coated steel gives real protection and prevents rust or corrosion between dissimilar metals. This guard has a “wave” on the powder coated substrate to improve the flow of water into the gutters. The “wave” design maximizes the flow of water through the screen and into the gutter.
Kaycan Pro Guard II Gutter Guard
Pro Guard II is a gutter guard made of 100% aluminum.  It's rigid and durable and will not rust!  The patented design will keep the needles, as well as the larger leaves and twigs, out of your gutters and downspouts thus keeping them from getting clogged.
Sentinel Gutter Debris Shield
The ultimate in gutter protection! The patented design is unmatched in its ability to keep out leaves, twigs, pine needles, and small particles from entering and clogging your gutters.  Sentinel is made of a rigid galvanized sub-screen with an aluminum "rust free" mesh over the top.
Birdcages help keep leaves, pine cones, and other larger debris from entering your downspouts and clogging them.
Gutter Screws
Gutters screws are an alternative to the standard gutter spike that holds longer and stronger.  Available in 7" or 8" lengths, these hex head screws are an affordable upgrade that help your gutters stay secure, especially if the wood on your house is starting to weather or deteriorate.
Hidden Hangers
Hidden hangers are a durable gutter hanging bracket designed to strengthen the lip of your gutter, hold your gutters to your house longer, and eliminate unsightly nail heads along the face of your gutter.  Made of strengthened, rust free aluminum and preset with a woodfast screw, hidden hangers enhance the look and durability of your gutters!
Splashblocks help keep water from pooling up again the side or your house or help divert water away from desired locations.  Made of a rigid, durable plastic, they are easy to install and maintenance free!  Available in standard Brown, Green, or Gray.


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